Empower Yourself by Blogging

From the time you were a small child, you’ve had dreams. Small things you hoped to achieve and life goals that you felt would give you the ultimate in personal satisfaction. Over the years, they evolve, of course.

You go from dreaming of being a fairy tale princess or leader of the world to more rational goals such as achieving a certain status in your place of employment, raising a well-rounded, happy family, or making it to your health milestones time after time when you put forth the effort.

Everyone dreams. But the difference is, only a fraction of individuals put their dreams to the test and work toward those goals to see if they can bring them to fruition. If you’re one of those people, you may need some tools to help you along the way. Continue reading

There are some people who engage in a lighthearted form of personal development where they simply state what happens each day and look at how they can improve. The process doesn’t last long and there’s no real effort to make permanent change.

Some people feel better by simply going along with the steps to make them feel better about their journey. In other words, thinking about change and talking about change is enough to help them sleep at night.

Make the change, however, is outside of their comfort zone, so they use their blog as a way to signal to the world that they’re trying. And they enjoy all of the kudos from a supportive public who adores them for it. Continue reading