Niche Mktg

What is Niche Marketing & Why is It Important to Your Business?Chances are that if you have been exploring ways to make money and build your business online that you have heard of niche marketing and maybe you have even been using is as a part of your business model.

But when it comes to niche marketing many people don’t really take the time to understand the importance of researching and narrowing down their target market.

From reading these articles, you’ll discover the significance of niche marketing. You will also learn why it is important that you have a basic understanding of what it is and how it works, so that you can determine whether or not niche marketing is important for your business.

Let’s get started by talking about how niche marketing helps you target your market effectively. Think about this question for a minute” do you really know who is your target customer is?”

While you are pondering that question in your mind let me give you two basic definitions that will help you answer it more effectively. Continue reading