Happy Halloween, Y'all!

Thanks for checking out my WordPress Halloween themes. Each of the themes featured on the Halloween pages here are unique, one-of-a-kind and will only be sold once. Themes are now priced at $27. When a theme is purchased, it will be removed from this site and never sold or replicated again by me. I may add new themes at any time throughout the year, so check back often.

You have the option of buying the stand alone theme to be uploaded and featured on one domain, or you may purchase the whole site – including theme and plugins – on your domain. I also offer free hosting for one year with the purchase of the Halloween website option.

Bear in mind that this WordPress theme does not include any of the content  – images, posts, legal pages, articles, menus, etc. that you see here. This site is for demo purposes only and is intended to give you a good idea of how your site will look when you purchase, install it to your domain, and then populate it with your own content. To see what all is included in the website option and for prices, click here.

Due to licensing issues, I am not able to include some of the content – including articles, photos and graphics with the website option. The images that you see here come from Bigstock.com. They have a free 7-day, 35 image trial period, so you could, in essence, download plenty of Halloween photos and graphics just for signing up for the free trial period. If you don’t want to continue with one of their monthly membership options, just cancel on the last day. I have the download 5 images per day plan and it is invaluable to me. It’s a lot cheaper than if I were to purchase each image separately.