How to Plan a Successful Halloween Party


Halloween is a holiday that is filled with spooky fun. Kids love to don their costumes and collect bags full of candy. But trick-or-treating isn’t the only thing to do on Halloween. It’s also a great time to party!

Adults and teenagers often have or attend Halloween parties. But they’re great for kids, too. Organizing a Halloween party provides an alternative for kids whose parents would prefer that they do not go door to door. And moms and dads can get in on the fun too!

The Makings of a Great Halloween Party

Invitations should reflect the theme of your party, whether it’s a general Halloween theme or a specific theme such as pirates or movie characters. You can find a variety of Halloween party invitations at most party supply stores, or you could make your own using a computer program or scrapbooking supplies. Send them out about two weeks prior to the party.

There’s no better excuse to have a costume party than Halloween! Many guests will assume that it’s a costume party, but be sure to specify on the invitations so that there is no confusion. If you want the adults in attendance to dress up, encourage them to do so. You could even have a costume contest with prizes. You could also have some Halloween-themed games such as wrap the mummy, bobbing for apples, pumpkin bowling or pin the nose on the jack o’lantern.

Decorating is always important for a great Halloween party. Fake spider webs and sheets covering the furniture are great for creating a creepy atmosphere without too much expense. You could carve up some jack o’lanterns and sit them around the house. A fog machine adds a nice touch, as do black lights. Make a CD featuring some scary songs and sound effects to add to the atmosphere.

For kids who are coming to the party instead of trick-or-treating, it’s good to provide some treats for them to take home. You could ask each guest to bring a bag of candy, mix it all up, and fill up goody bags for the kids to take home. Halloween-themed party favors could also be mixed in, or even substituted for the sweets.

For the party itself, you’ll need some spooky treats. You could make cookies in the shape of spiders, bats or black cats, cupcakes with cookie tombstones and jack o’lantern sandwiches. For a scary beverage, fill a plastic glove with water, tie the end, and freeze it. Remove the glove and put the frozen “hand” in a bowl of red punch.

Organizing a great Halloween party is a lot of work. But it’s also lots of fun, as is the party itself. By carefully planning your bash, you can ensure a good time for all.

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