The WP website themes that I have designed have been described as the “folk art of web design.” They are all very creative, artistic and colorful,  just like me!

You may be wondering why anyone should have a website specifically designed for them (or their business) and not use one of the many WordPress themes that are free. Well, word has it on the virtual internet street that websites now need to be simply laid out, easy to navigate, and unique.

The problem with using one of the hundreds (or thousands?) of prefab WordPress templates is that possibly hundreds of people could be using the same theme which does not bode well for Google and other search engines.

And, most of them are cluttered and too busy looking that often confuses people as to where to go or what to do while on your site. Also, there is always a chance that the theme will “break”, or not function as it should when WordPress is updated – leaving you scrambling to get your website up-and-running again.

Not only are the websites that I design are unique and colorful, they are practical in respect to functionality and are easy to navigate. The framework on which I build my sites is solid and will not break when WordPress updates are installed. What is probably the best feature of my sites is the incredible way they look on mobile devices!

Original grunge rubber stampThe specially designed and personally customized themes that I build for you can be used for personal blogs and journals, a marketplace for your crafts and other handiwork, for curating content on whatever subject you are passionate about, product review and/or affiliate websites for and other products or companies.

Also, I have a vast inventory of premium WordPress themes that I have purchased from a variety of developers.  While some are specifically designed as affiliate niche or authority websites, many of them can be adapted for just about any purpose.

For a preview of some of the websites that I have built, see the links on the sidebar under ‘My Sites’ (at the bottom of the page on mobile devices), and that will give you an idea of what my blog/niche websites look like. To see any of the ready made websites that I have for sale, click on the appropriate link(s) on the far right sidebar. And, if you are interested in purchasing any of them, contact me via the contact page.

My sites all have a myriad of extras in the form of WordPress plugins, fonts, and graphics that will enhance the functioning and presentation for whatever the purpose is of your website.

I am here to help you decide how your website to should look and function for your specific needs. You can get in touch with me via the contact page and let me know what you want for your website presence.

Actually, I see the theme of a website as a virtual storefront for your business, not unlike a physical store location. And together, we can make your online presence be as unique and interesting a you are!