What is Niche Marketing & Why is It Important to Your Business?Chances are that if you have been exploring ways to make money and build your business online that you have heard of niche marketing and maybe you have even been using is as a part of your business model.

But when it comes to niche marketing many people don’t really take the time to understand the importance of researching and narrowing down their target market.

From reading these articles, you’ll discover the significance of niche marketing. You will also learn why it is important that you have a basic understanding of what it is and how it works, so that you can determine whether or not niche marketing is important for your business.

Let’s get started by talking about how niche marketing helps you target your market effectively. Think about this question for a minute” do you really know who is your target customer is?”

While you are pondering that question in your mind let me give you two basic definitions that will help you answer it more effectively. Continue reading

What Makes a Website Link-Worthy?The days of reciprocal links with irrelevant sites are long gone. Today search engines (and by search engines you know we mean “Google Search”) require that the links to your site and from your site be authorities to be worth anything.

Your Website Needs Useful, Informative, Accurate, Reliable and Promoted Content

Don’t put filler content on your website. Every bit of content should be useful, informative and accurate. In addition, it’s important that your audience knows that the content is reliable in terms of well-written and well-researched pieces. It’s also important that you promote every last bit of content that you put on your site. If you’re not proud enough of your content to promote it, why would anyone else be linking to you? Continue reading

Accepting and Sending Online PaymentsOne of the greatest inventions in the last 20 years has to be the ability to accept and send payments to anyone online. There are many services that have popped up to enable this ability, but none has infiltrated the market quite like PayPal.

While PayPal is the standard by which others aspire, it’s still a good idea to have more than one way to accept and send payments online. Having a backup method can avoid issues with cash flow, as well as give you a backup in case of fraudulent activity on your account. Anytime you use any method of payment, other than cash in person, there is always the potential for fraud.

Read Every Website’s Privacy Policy

Before you do business via any website, read their entire privacy policy to ensure that they are following the law. Any website that sells anything, physical, digital or service related that doesn’t have a privacy policy could be a sign of a serious problem and even fraudulent activity. Continue reading

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